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Finalist 2019 Gallipoli Art Prize

Medium: Oil on CanvasDimensions: 91cm x 182cm  (36″ x 72″) This diptych oil on canvas painting is a tribute to our heroes. There have been 100 VC winners from the Boar War through to Afghanistan. I could have depicted any of them because they all…

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For Max

Medium: Oil on CanvasDimensions: 60cm x 48cm  (24″ x 18″) SOLD – Commission portrait

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One with the wave – Jack McCoy

Medium: Oil on Canvas Dimensions: 92cm x 92cm  (36″ x 36″) For Sale Jack McCoy is a Hawaiian born Australian, internationally renowned surfing photographer, writer, director, producer, and cinematographer. Jack grew up in Hawaii and formed a life- long love of the ocean. Jack has…

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